Don't spend the earth for a quality hdmi cable

If you're in the market for a new, quality HDMI Cable, then you're probably being greeted by fancy "Gold Plated" cables and unreasonably high prices. We've got some news for you, this is one of the biggest scams going!

The simple fact of the matter is, a cheap HDMI Cable will work just as well for connecting your TV to a games console or Blu-Ray player, as an expensive one will. Sometimes it will work even better!

Just like Razor Blades, HDMI Cables are one of those things that are inexplicably expensive. These cables cost a pittance to produce, and as such, if you pay more than £10 for one, you're being ripped off.

Companies have tried to convince you that things like gold plating are important, and that they improve quality, but this is a complete myth.

There have been various studies carried out on this subject by the enthusiats on the AVForums.com website, and they have conclusively found that the value of a HDMI Cable has absolutely no bearing on its quality. In fact, cheap cables purchased from Asian sellers worked just as well as "official" gold plated ones that cost up to £100.

eBay is perfect for picking up cables, as there are examples available for as low as £5 pounds. At that price they are easily worth a gamble. Try to only buy from reputed sellers though!

Hopefully this blog will help save you money on something that really shouldn't cost as much as it does!

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