Putting the 'book' in, er, 'Facebook'

'Everything Old Is New Again,' proclaimed the title of the last episode of the first series of ER. And indeed, it does seem that every new technology develops irrevocable ties to the old: people use iPads to watch TV, read books on their phones, and prop up tables with broken old laptops (probably).

This, though, takes tech-retro to a new level. Want to reminisce about your conversations of yesteryear, but don't want to sit in front of a screen? Try Ninuku Archivist. As Gawker explains, Ninuku 'automatically downloads your personal data from Facebook each month and sorts it into chronological chapters so you can easily print them out.'

Bingo! Your Facebook life is now a book! You can sit up on the sofa and reminisce about status updates, comments and wall posts of days gone by. It even makes special chapters for your photo albums.

To be honest, we had planned to take the mick out of this, but it actually seems like quite a nifty idea...

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