Put your internet obsession to good use

Ah, well, this is nice. If you're anything like us, you've got about a hundred browser tabs open right now, containing blog posts and news stories, YouTube videos, maybe Facebook and Twitter, and lots of Amazon pages for that ever-so-slightly-belated Christmas shopping. Christmas is supposed to be about giving, not just buying, though, right?

Google appear to think so. They've released a nifty new charity program called 'Chrome for a Cause.' Install the special Chrome extension and, between today and Sunday, every tab you open will generate a tiny donation from the big G to a charity. You even get to choose which charity you want the money to go to each day, with options including medical, literacy and environmental causes.

Google's keeping mum about exactly how much money each tab'll generate, of course. But even if it's fractions of a penny, with millions of Chrome users opening hundreds of tabs each day, it could quickly add up to a hefty Christmas windfall for these charities. So if you're using Chrome, why not do a good thing - for free - and install the extension now?

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