Put it on our Tab (sorry)

We've almost reached the end of the Consumer Electronics Show, and the bevy of new gadget announcements that accompanies it, for this year. And as expected, we've seen a bunch of what looks like becoming the hot product category for this year - Android tablets.

Two of the big-name manufacturers showing off new iPad-style tablets designed for Google's Android operating system were Motorola and Toshiba. Toshiba's tablet doesn't have a name yet, but it's already looking pretty foxy: it's packing a powerful Tegra 2 processor and apparently it's 'very nicely made.'

The real excitement, though, came from the Motorola Xoom. (Apparently the only alternative in tech world to a string of random numbers is a misspelled word.) It's also running a Tegra 2, and looks a little sleeker than the Tosh (though that might get slimmer before launch). It's got a 720p HD video camera and can play back full-HD 1080p video - 10 hours of it on a single battery charge. You can see video of it - running a preview of Google's upcoming Android 3.0 software - over at Engadget.

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