Get a Pure Radio Transformer for your digital radio

Pure is an electronics company that is based in the United Kingdom. They offer a range of consumer digital electronics. Products include internet radios, which can be used in your home or your car.

Exclusive features of some of the Pure products include the Evoke-3, a digital program guide. Another exclusive of Pure electronics is the Sonus-1XT. This featured the first digital radio system with voice feedback. There is also the ability to record, rewind and pause live radio.

The company has even joined the green energy revolution. They have produced products that have recycled packaging, consume less energy and utilise component parts that reduce environmental impact. The Pure radio transformer is one component part that features the line of Eco-Plus radio parts.

If you are seeking a new Pure radio transformer for your radio, check out the spare parts manual that came with your product. Pure launched a line of radios in 2008 with new types of adapters. These new line of Eco-Plus radios switched from 9 Volt adapters to using 12 Volt adapters. In order to confirm if you have the right transformer, check the back label. The label will indicate the voltage requirements and information.

Adapter 60990 Replacement

The Adapter 60990 replaces the 9 Volt Pure radio transformer with the 12 Volt version. Products that include this adapter is the Evoke-1 and Evoke-2 portable internet radios. Other products that will use the new 12 Volt adapter is the Oasis Flow. This is a digital internet radio that is water-proof and rechargeable. The i-20 will also use the new Pure radio transformer. This will now run on a 12 Volt adapter to operate your iPhone docking station.

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