Punch his face in?

You’ve all got election fever, right? All those hardcore political debates and all that, getting you all a quiver about our noble political class and their true commitment to making this country a better place to live, right? Ok, maybe not. Maybe the televised debates make a complete mockery of the fact that we live in a parliamentary democracy where we vote for the party and our local MP, not a president. Still, Cameron is getting his backside handed to him, so it’s not all bad, eh?

Anyway, to help you relieve yourselves from all this brain-pounding tedium (and the terrible burden of having to work for a living), we found a rather nifty little browser game that modelled on one of our favourite games of all time: Street Fighter. Called Downing Street Fighter, you can take control of either of Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg in a fight to the death against each of the others, until you have to face up to silly old racist Gillian Duffy.

It’s very silly, and its controls are a bit ropey, but it’s fun and sod it, it’s something to do on your lonely little lunch break, stuck in your office having a sandwich from Pret. Jesus, you’re so ungrateful.

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