When was the last time a highly-anticipated product was a total secret when it was announced? We guess Apple did a pretty good job of making the iPad a surprise. But since then, it's just been leaks, leaks, leaks. SonyEricsson's PlayStation Phone doesn't even officially exist yet, but Engadget have followed up their exclusive announcement of its existence with an in-depth preview based on a handset they've acquired from... somewhere.

Apparently the phone is going to be called the 'Xperia Play', which sounds like the kind of dumb name SonyEricsson would come up with, and will the SE-branded rather than PlayStation-branded. But the hardware actually looks a fair bit like the PSPGo, with the slide-up screen hiding traditional PSP buttons. The only change is that the analogue joysticks have been replaced by shiny touchpads.

Phone-wise, it seems it's a pretty standard Android phone running the latest 'Gingerbread' version of Google's mobile OS. The question, of course, is what sort of PlayStation games it'll play. We all hope it'll be those of the also-soon-to-be-announced PSP2, but we wouldn't rule out the possibility it'll be PSP1 and Android games only.

Still, there's lots of nice videos to coo over, so head on over to Engadget to have a gander...

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