PSP spotted in the wild

After two attempts at conquering the handheld market with the PSP and then the PSP Go, both of which got bashed about by the Nintendo DS and the iPhone, Sony have decided to have another go – and this time they might just be onto something.

Their new device is called (or at least, is being called that for the moment) the PSP Phone, and has been designed by mobile phone experts Sony Ericsson. It comes with Android as the OS, and a redesigned slide-out control pad. From what we can tell there isn’t a touch screen, but instead a multi-touch trackpad which appears to have replaced the analogue sticks of previous iterations. The shoulder button are still present and correct.

The phone, which is being branded as a Ericsson device rather than a PlayStation one, and has two cameras: one with an LED flash at the back and a second lens in front, which looks like it’ll be used for video calls, or in-game video chat. Will it be an iPhone beater? Probably not, but we’re interested all the same.

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