PSP Go, Go, GO!

The PSP Go may or may not have made your radar, but make no mistake it's big news out here in gadget land. It's even bigger news now that it has been unveiled by mistake by Sony, days before its official outing at E3.

An episode of Sony's American online gaming show Qore was prematurely posted, and it gives us some details of the new device. Firstly, it will be available this autumn (as will the new PSP 3000), a sliding screen will hide the controls, it will have an internal memory of 16GB that will replace the previous UMD drive, and there will be new Gran Turismo and Metal Gear games released for it.

It you want to watch the vids but aren't on the PSN network, check out the link below, as the guys at Engadget got it posted up on their site. It looks tidy, doesn't it?

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