PSP 2 in action

It was only a matter of time before someone managed to get a video of the PSP 2 in action out onto YouTube, and low and behold it’s taken all of a couple of hours for people outside the jammy blighters in the press – who get invites to see all this cool stuff – to get a little gander.

So, what is there? From what we can gather from the grainy footage – it’s off-screen footage of a UStream feed, which is why we don’t get much of a feeling for the 16million colours Sony says the console can handle – stroking the back of the device makes things happen, which begs the question: what does that do that the touchscreen itself won’t? Will you be able to turn it off in case it gets in the way of your play? All these questions and more have not yet been answered by Sony. Sorry.

Oh, and as a bonus, we’ve also given you a fluffy and cheesy promo video direct from Sony’s PR department. Such in-depth investigative journalism, eh?

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