There are lots of reasons to buy a PSP 1000

It may be the oldest model of the PSP console available, and they don't even make it anymore, but if you can get your hands on a PSP 1000, it's well worth investing in, it's a dream for people who like homebrew software.

The latest PSP models, the 3000 and the PSP Go, are hugely successful in commercial terms, however, the PSP 1000 retains a large home in the hearts of gaming enthusiasts everywhere because it is largely open for people to run their own software, and even for sneaky gamers to run pirate software, however, we won't be going in to that illegal aspect in this blog!

The ability to run unofficial software is based around an exploit loaded through the PSP's photo viewer. It depends on the firmware of the system being one of the earlier firmware versions. If your PSP is version 1.5 or lower then you're set to exploit the opening easily. If you choose to do it, then there are a word of programs available.

The PSP is the perfect system for loading emulators of old systems like the Super Nintendo and the Sega Megadrive. The exploit also allows the clock speed of the PSP to be adjusted, which will mean longer battery life for gamers who experiment and get the new settings spot on.

There are countless guides to the exploits available online, but due to them being something of a legal gray area, we won't be providing any direct links. A quick Google search will find the answers though.

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