It seems like console redesigns are all the rage at the moment. Yesterday we told you that Microsoft, mere months after introducing a new shape for the Xbox 360, were changing the design again to a matte finish. Now it's Sony's turn. The PlayStation Portable, which has had several minor redesigns and one major redesign already, is getting one last go through the makeover machine.

Following from the PSP-1000, PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 comes the PSP-E1000. The E stands for 'Europe,' because for some reason Sony are only releasing it in Europe. (The reason, most likely, is that we're not getting the PSP's successor the PSVita until next year.) It's a budget version of the PSP, looking a lot like the first few versions but with the crucial removal of the wi-fi feature.

That doesn't mean you won't be able to play downloadable games. It does mean, though, that you'll have to download them to your computer and transfer them over with a cable, which is a bit 2003.

The PSP-E1000 also only emphasises the failure of the PSPGo, and major redesign of the PSP introduced by Sony a few years ago which did away with game cartridges in favour of download-only. It didn't sell, and was discontinued last year.

How budget is 'budget'? £100, most likely, which is an attractive price - though for our money you'd be better off getting a wi-fi equipped model second-hand from eBay. Mind you, we also can't help but think that at this stage, everyone who wants a PSP already has one...

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