PS4 Will Allow Selling and Sharing of Second Hand Games

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Sony representative in Europe have finally spoken out to minimize the wave of concerns about PS4 blocking second hand discs market.

Following the recent Updated European PlayStation Network terms of use, fear had risen amongst PlayStation users that the Japanese videogame giant may be about to crackdown on 'unlawful' sharing and reselling of disc-based games.

The Updated Software Usage Terms indeed states that Sony can collect voice and text data to enforce Terms and to comply with law. Basically, this means that while you are blissfully engaged with your favourite game, the manufacturing company may be monitoring and recording any or all of your PlayStation Network activity, including voice and text message data.

And, when needed, the data will be transferred to the local Police force. The company can do so to enforce the Terms and to comply with pertinent law, Sony said.

It could be that the internet once again managed to blow something out of proportions but, let's face it, the document is not very reassuring. Under current legislation, it in indeed unlawful to re-sell, or even just share disc-based games, as the software always belongs to the company who produced it, and when we 'buy' a game as such, we are actually just paying for the right to use it, in form of a license.

However, Sony had made very clear that its policy on games sharing and reselling was to be totally different from , for instance, Microsoft. At the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo in June, where the new PS4 was presented, Sony stated that no restrictions for used games would take place.

To clear confusions, yesterday Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida wrote on Twitter: "If you are concerned about our new European TOS, we confirm that you are able to sell or share your disc PS4 products, including in EU". Great. What about privacy though?

It is true that Sony may monitor and record PSN activity? Indeed. However, the company said PS4 users should not worry about the company having a permanent and exhaustive record of their online activities, as it would be impossible for them to monitor all PSN activity, and the company does not wish to do so. Still Confused? So are we.

Sony PlayStation 4 launches this Friday, November 15 in North America.

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