PS4 in 12?

Gasp! We're trembling with excitement.

Seeing as it's over five years since the launch of the PlayStation 3, we've been cheerfully assuming a sequel must be in the works. But recently some cryptic comments from Sony executives have made us think it might not be the case. The PlayStation 3 is so eye-wateringly powerful, they said, that it didn't need replacing any time soon.

But what if they're... bluffing?

Asian news site DigiTimes might not be well known over here, but it has a fabulous record of scoops because of its great sources in the Taiwanese manufacturers who put together many of our favourite gadgets. And they're saying that not only is a PS4 in the works, but that it'll be released next year.

And that's not all. Apparently the next-generation PlayStation is expected to take a leaf out of Microsoft Kinect's book, offering funky body-tracking capabilities so you can play with nothing but your arms.

If Sony are planning to release the PS4 next year their previous denials could have been part of a cunning plan, but it's also possible they've had a change of strategy after seeing Nintendo's Wii U, previewed last month and scheduled for release next year.

Either way, we just hope it's true.

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