PS3 to drop in price?

Bizarrely, given that most of the time consoles decrease in value over time, the Wii has actually gone up in price over the last few months. This sounds mental given that the Xbox 360 has dropped to stupidly low levels, but has a lot to do with big economic stuff that we don't get – all you need to know is the Japanese Yen is very strong, and the pound is weak so things from Japan will cost more.

But not the PS3 or PSP, which according to rumours from Computer & Video Games will soon be lowering its price to attract some custom in a market dominated by Nintendo and Microsoft.

'It's been on the cards for a while,' a spokesman for an unnamed retailer told them, 'but manufacturers are not in the habit of giving exact dates so as not to effect sales.' Nor are they in the habit of letting us know how much the drop is going to be, but we'll chance our arm and say tentatively that this is a good thing.

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