PS3 Slim finally unveiled

So after weeks of rumours, Sony has finally unveiled the PS3 Slim. But what does the little machine have in store for you? Surely the drop in size means that they surely had to drop some features for it all to fit in the teeny tiny frame?

Well, yes and no. Sony claims that it’s about a third of the size of the original machine, but that looks like a bit of a flimsy claim, we’d say about half the size. What we don’t know yet is how having everything packed in together will affect the cooling system, and the latest model won’t allow you to install Linux like the original machine did.

However, you still have HDMI and Blu-ray support, as well as the natty Bravia Sync Support, which means when you turn your telly off the PS3 Slim reacts by turning itself off. But best of all is the price; Sony have taken into account the exchange rate and given it a £249.99 price tag, not $299.99 as many experts had predicted. Still no PS2 backwards compatibility, mind you. Check out the Gamespot un-boxing of the console on YouTube below and you’ll see just how diddy it is.

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