Does the PS3 Slim live up to its name? We look at the dimensions

All technological innovations seem to follow a similar pattern. The first models of any new consumer technology tend to be large, bulky and inefficient. However as time goes on, the technology improves and it is possible to design systems that are slimmer, lighter and more elegant. This trend can be seen with mobile phones, televisions, computers and cameras. As is clear from the PS3 Slim and its reduced dimensions, this trend also applies to gaming consoles.

The Playstation has gone through a number of incarnations since it was first introduced in 1994. The original Playstation was of course the bulkiest of the lot, with dimensions of 45mm x 260mm x 185mm. Sony then worked to improve the design of this very successful console, and in the year 2000 the PSOne was introduced. This was a very scaled down version of the Playstation, with dimensions of 38mm x 193mm x 144mm. This console was also much more streamlined than the previous design, and outsold the PS2 console which was also introduced that year.

This trend of downsizing consoles can also be seen with both the PS2 and the PS3. When these Playstations were first introduced, they incorporated new technology which provided improved gameplay, graphics etc. Both of these consoles were then scaled down, to become the Slimline Playstation 2 and the PS3 Slim respectively. The dimensions of the Slimline Playstation 2 are 28mm x 230 mm x 152mm, while the PS3 Slim dimensions are 290mm x 65mm x 290mm. The PS3 Slim console can be purchased through sites such as game.co.uk and amazon.co.uk.


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