How to find PS3 Slim Covers

Since the PS3 Slim was officially launched in September 2009 it has gradually replaced its older, bulkier counterparts. Not only is if more efficient in terms of space, the PS3 Slim console is more aesthetically pleasing and attractive while still retaining its functionality. An additional improvement on the older ranges of PS consoles is that the PS3 Slim makes much less noise than previous models, and is therefore more efficient. For many people however, one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a PS3 is that PS3 Slim covers can be purchased in a range of styles, designs and colours.

Most PS3 Slim covers are commonly referred to as skin covers or decals. These covers are made from vinyl and are specially made to fit the dimensions of the PS3 slim exactly. Generally these skins or decals are self adhesive, and adhere strongly to the external casing of the console once they have been applied. However these decals can be removed when required, and do not damage the exterior of the Playstation in any way.

PS3 Slim covers are designed to cover the front, back and sides of the console, and many sets also include matching decals for two controllers. In addition to customising the console, these covers also provide a good degree of protection against scratches, dust and dirt. PS3 slim covers can be purchased on ebay.com.

While many PS3 Slim covers are simply vinyl decals, it is also possible to acquire replacement covers for a PS3 that are specially made in a variety of colours. ColorWare, at colorware.com, is one such company.


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