We look at why you should treat yourself to a PS3 slim console

Despite the fact that many people think that video games are for kids, the truth is that the average of video game players these days is actually 38 years of age. And it might also surprise you to learn that the majority of new console buyers are actually female. With that in mind we have decided to take a look at the PS3 slim console and ask why you should consider picking one up for all your entertainment needs.

Coming from Sony, one of the biggest electronics manufacturers in the world, it is no surprise that the PlayStation 3 is one of the most popular video game systems in the world right now. With a huge amount of games on offer from all the world's largest developers, the console has gone on to become a firm fan favourite following a somewhat disappointing start.

When the console launched, the £500+ price tag was enough to put off a huge number of people from picking a system up. Fortunately, Sony realised the error of their ways and quickly redesigned the original system in order to allow them to re-release a new model at a reduced price.

This was followed by a further redesign back in 2009, when the PS3 slim console was introduced. Smaller, slicker and quieter than any previous PlayStation 3, the release of the PS3 slim saw the sales of the PS3 system sky rocket, putting it on a par with the sales of Microsoft's popular Xbox 360 console.

One of the main selling points of the system these days is not the fact that it plays video games, however, but the fact that it can offer a unique all in one home entertainment solution for an extremely reasonable price of just £249.99.

When you buy a PS3 slim console, you'll be getting the best BluRay player on the market, ideal for watching all the latest movies in jaw dropping high definition, as well as the ability to watch the latest 3D movies on your 3DTV (if you have one).

Unlike other technology, Sony have ensured that the PS3 slim can be updated continually by online patches delivered directly to your console via the internet. This means that your system will be safe from becoming obsolete for the foreseeable future!

So whether you're interested in playing games, browsing the internet from your TV, watching BluRay or 3D movies or simply using the PS3 slim console as a media server to let you watch the video content stored on your home computers on your big screen television, you'll be getting everything you need for just £249.99.

You can get the PS3 slim console from all the leading retailers in your area, including GameStop, HMV, Tesco, Sainsburys and Zavvi.

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