The PS3 Slim Carry Case - gaming on the move

As the name suggests, the PS3 Slim is designed to be lightweight and streamlined. It therefore goes without saying that this console should be much easier to transport from place to place than the original PS3 console. Since it is becoming more and more common for consumers to transport their consoles outside of the home, Sony have developed an accompanying PS3 Slim carry case.

The carry case for the PS3 Slim is designed to protect the console during transportation in a number of ways. Like any travel bag it completely shields the exterior of the console against scratches, dust and dirt. While scratches are unsightly and can damage the resale value of a PS3 Slim console, dust particles and other debris are a far greater threat to any computer equipment. Additionally the PS3 Slim carry case is padded to help protect the console from impact, which is almost inevitable to some degree during transportation.

Of course the standard PS3 Slim carry case also contains compartments for the transportation of controllers, plugs and other essential equipment. Cases such as the official PS3 Multi Function Carry Bag also contains 16 pockets for games disc, which is a must for any avid gamer. Many PS3 Slim carry bags incorporate drop down access panels and vents, which allows the console to be used while still protected in its carry case.

Consumers can expect to purchase a PS3 Slim carry case for approximately £20. Cases can be purchased from amazon.co.uk, or from games and entertainment stores such as smyths.com.


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