PS3 gets a bonanza of TV content

Way back in the summer we reported that ITV and Sony were in talks about bringing ITV Player to the PS3, a move that both parties were hoping would revitalise their flagging online services. However soon after everything went quiet and we assumed that the talks had broken down.

It turns out though, that we assumed wrongly as it has been announced that ITV Player will be coming to PlayStation Network by the end of the week. But not only that, it’s going to be joined by Channel 4’s online catch-up service 4oD. This now means that PS3 owners now have all the services from all three major terrestrial TV companies (sorry Five), and will be able to watch all sorts of stuf on their whacking great tellies instead of on their pokey little laptop screens.

There is no sign from Microsoft that they’d be interested in a similar service being launched on Xbox Live (Microsoft don’t allow free apps to be a part of Xbox Live), which will no doubt drive Xbox 360 owners up the wall: why should PS3 owners get something so useful and Microsoft’s customers not? We’re at a loss to explain why, to be honest.

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