Looking to find a PS2 for sale Ireland?

Despite the fact that the system was replaced back in 2007 by the PlayStation 3, Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation 2 console still retained quite a high level of popularity until very recently. Having been released originally in November of 2000, the system went on to sell a grand total of approximately 150,000,000 units worldwide, making it the single most successful home based video game console of all time.

With so many installed consoles, it is no surprise that the machine continued to be successful so long after its release. This success was helped by the release of a slimline version of the console in October 2004, when the PlayStation 2 Slim hit shelves.

Retaining all the same functionality as the original, the PS2 slim reduced the price as well as the size, making it an affordable gift for many parents that following Christmas.

However the past three or four years has seen a massive decrease in the number of games being released for the system to the point where we now only see ten to twenty releases a year. This still hasn't stopped many people actively seeking the console out in order to play a wide range of classic titles from the last generation though.

Up until as recently as last year it was possible to pick up PS2 consoles from Gamestop, however these days they have stopped carrying them. This means that the only places to find a PS2 for sale in Ireland these days are second hand stores. You can pick up a full system for about €40-50 these days on ebay or on www.adverts.ie if you choose to shop online. However be careful since the system is known to have had problems with the laser reader in the DVD drive on certain models.

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