The Proteam Electric Power Bike SP1062

The Proteam Electric Power Bike SP1062 is the latest in a range of hybrid lightweight electric bikes to come from the upstart company Proteam. It will get you to work in the morning with ease and comfort.

The SP 1062 is lightweight, and this is key to maintaining a decent battery performance. At an astounding 26kg, its battery can power the bike with ease over its 32km range. This is made possible by the aluminium frame. It also makes it easier to carry up to your apartment at the end of the day.

Many electric bikes seem to be torn between providing power or keeping the product lightweight - batteries are heavy after all - but with the Proteam SP1062, you get the best of both worlds with a simply massive 24volt battery that somehow does not seem to add too much extra weight.

If you are thinking of purchasing the Proteam SP1062, macro.co.uk have it posted for £499.99 (ex VAT) which is very reasonable considering that most electric bikes come with a ludicrous price tag. Proteam have done a great job maintaining the affordability of their product.

The bike has 7 Shimano gears, 26 inch wheels and comes in a classic town bike design that will look great for men and women alike. If, like me, you dread the push up the last hill before you get to work in the morning, perhaps you should check out the Proteam Electric Powered Bike SP1062.


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