Project yourself

Ah, a glimpse of the future. You know projectors - those hulking great things you see hanging from pub ceilings? Well, you might know they've been getting smaller. So-called pico projectors can be fitted into a product the size of a phone. But that's still an extra item to carry around. What if there was a projector in your phone?

Think about it. You take a picture with your smartphone. You want to show it to a friend, you show it to them on the screen. But you want to show it to a group of people? Not that easy. Wouldn't it be great if you could just press a button and project it on the wall?

Well, we're not there yet, but it just got a bit closer. Some whizz-kid researchers in Germany have designed a pico projector that's just 6mm thick, and according to Engadget, 'The new lens on the projector is so small that it could potentially be integrated into smart phones without boosting size or weight.'

So enjoy that Retina Display, because in a couple of years looking at things on your screen might seem a bit old hat...

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