Probably Our Favourite iPhone Case Ever

'Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in', George says in The Godfather Part III. And similarly, every time we think we're done writing about iPhone cases, one more comes along that just demands to be shouted about.

And unlike some of the dafter cases we've written about, this one could feasibly have a practical - albeit very fun - purpose. As its name implies, the Ping Pong Cover covers your phone with the same bobbly rubber they use to cover table-tennis paddles. Available in sporting green, cheeky pink or boring black, it makes your phone comfortable to hold and super-protected - and makes it less likely to slide around on a slippery surface.

Most funly of all, though, it means you and a friend could challenge yourselves to a game of ping-pong (as opposed to just Pong) any time you run into a table randomly placed in a park, which there seem to be a lot of these days.

This would require you to carry a ping-pong ball in your pocket at all times, which might attract some funny looks. But that's a small price to pay for the possibility of instant fun...

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