Pro rape Facebook page taken down

A ‘pro rapeFacebook page which was started by students at the University of Sydney has been closed down after being found to be utterly objectionable and vile. Thankfully none of its content has actually made it out into the wider world, but nonetheless the University were horrified by what they saw.

‘It is in every way abhorrent and in every way at odds with what we are trying to achieve at the university,’ said Michael Spence, the University’s vice-chancellor. But there are some that believe that the residential college culture of demeaning women in a sexually violent way is not being effectively tackled by universities. ‘It is fairly clear to me that if this culture remains, the colleges have responded poorly,’ said Karen Willis of the Rape Crisis Centre.

The page, which was put up in August and was closed late last month, was ‘inciting people to sexual violence’ according to John Kerlat, Detective Superintendent of the New South Wales sex crimes squad. ‘This is the first occasion I have heard of a Facebook site being set up to promote, or publicise... sexual assault or any other behaviour that is criminal behaviour.’

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