Private dancing (and listening)

Unless you've been living in a cave, you might be aware that Spotify has been shacking up with Facebook recently. Its new 'Open Graph' application means that every single thing you listen to on the service can be streamed to your profile, while they've now decided you have to have a Facebook account to sign up for the service.

Now, it's true that even if you sign up with Facebook, you don't have to actually connect your account to the new share-everything service. But if you want to be able to post particular songs to your profile, you have to be agree to the all-encompassing sharing.

This has narked users no end, unsurprisingly. So now, with impressive speed, Spotify has come up with something of a solution: a 'private listening' mode. Select it in the file menu, and your secret drunken late-night Take That session won't be broadcast to your 800 friends.

Of course, if you're scrobbling to last.fm, you'll still be sharing your listening habits that way. But no-one ever looks at anyone's last.fm profile any more, right?

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