Priority Inbox makes Gmail even better

Of all the browser-based email systems out there, we reckon that Gmail is the best. Mainly this is because if we didn’t say that we’d be first up against the wall when Google finally takes over the world, but even without that, it’s still pretty good. However, we always found that we had trouble dealing with the mountain of mail our high-flying media lifestyles bring us.

Not any more though, as Google are rolling out a new feature called Priority Inbox over the coming weeks that should make managing your emails so much easier. It will prioritise important emails and do the exact opposite to spam, by tracking which emails you read and have replied to. Over time it will be able to make sure you never have to wade through a load of rubbish before you get to the urgent stuff again. Not only that, it's customisable as well. It also has a very chirpy demo video for you to look at – try not to jig in your chair.

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