How to choose printers for home computers

When you choose printers for home computers, simply keep in mind what are the features you require exactly. What are the features that you must have and what are the ones you would like to have and finally, what are the features you can do without. With this, your budget is naturally determined, although you can have a figure range for this.

A sole printer VS all-in-one printers

Printer cum scanner

If printing is all you ever need, a sole printer is sufficient. If you need to scan once in a while, a printer cum scanner will only costs a little more. The quality of the scanner won't be as great as if you bought a sole scanner but it will be sufficient for the occasional scan.

Use a free internet fax

If you fax only occasionally, consider using an internet fax, which is free. It will only cost you if you fax more than that. If you want to fax a hard copy through the net, scan it first.

A laser VS a bubblejet printer

For efficient printers (for home computers) and cost savings, go for a monochrome laser printer. In the long term, you save ink and paper. In the meantime, you get better printing quality and speed as well as a lower noise level. If you do need to print in colour however, buy a bubblejet printer.

Where to buy cheap printers and ink

Go to Epson.co.uk and click on 'special offers' to save from GBP10 to GBP75 on a printer. Check out how you can get free delivery too. If you want to save on ink by purchasing compatibles, go to Myinkcartridge.co.uk for discounts on bulk purchase and free delivery.

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