Printer discount for you

There are many ways to shop for a printer and the canny buyer knows to check out current deals carefully and secure the best deal, this is especially true if buying more than one piece of kit. You can go the tried and tested route of selecting your printer then negotiating with the seller for a discount for buying say, five.  However unless you are just starting out in business and have no printers at all what will you do with the old ones? The answer here is not only negotiating a discount for bulk buying but also discuss trading in your old printers which can be refurbished. Another way to get good discount without really trying is to look out for the cashback deals. Or it may be worth your while to get 'future discount’ in the form of free warranty or consumables.

If you are looking for a single printer then don’t forget to check the discount codes for the printer itself and the cartridges. Discount codes have a lifespan so you would want to check these round about the time you are ready to buy.  If you are in full-time education and need a printer for your work then don’t forget to check out student discount deals. Likewise if you are a charitable organisation or are in the armed forces have a good look around and see what special offers may be applicable to you.

In a nutshell, don’t just go out and buy a printer, there is a lot of competition out there so take a little time to check out what’s on offer and make yourself the best deal you can.

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