A guide to printer cartridge recycling

A lot of companies have risen up to offer printer cartridge recycling services in the last few years, and there are several advantages to using them rather than just throwing your cartridges away.  Firstly, most of them pay you for your cartridges, secondly you're helping the environment by recycling and thirdly many of these companies work with charities and allow you to donate the proceeds from the cartridge to charity.

Recycleaid.co.uk is a major printer cartridge recycling organisation. They will accept most ink cartridges, with the exception of Epson and Canon inks, they send you a freepost bag to put the cartridges in, and give you the choice of receiving money for the cartridges, donating to one of their charities or donating to any charity of your choice.

Traidcraft.co.uk is a purely charitable organisation and they accept donations of printer cartridges and mobile phones and will use the money from them to fund their work in developing countries. You won't get any money yourself by recycling through Traidcraft, but you will be helping a good cause. You can see full details of their current campaigns on their website.

Cashforcartridges.co.uk is one of the best options if you want to receive money for your recycled cartridge, as they pay up to £4.50 for certain empty cartridges. You can check the value of your cartridges from their site, and they have a freepost address that you can send them to. The only limitation is that they don't accept cartridges from Epson, Brother or Kodak.

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