Print from the web with new HP-Google partnership

Printing. Ugh, it's such a hassle, isn't it? You've got to take your laptop upstairs, find the cable, plug it in, blah blah blah. OK, if you've got a fancy wireless printer, then you can just click print from your sofa. But what if you're not on your laptop, but on your phone on the bus? Wouldn't it be amazeballs if you could print from your phone and have the document sitting there waiting for you when you got home?

Well, now you can. A few weeks ago Google started rolling out Cloud Print, a new service that lets you print over the web from a phone. On a computer with a printer connected, you open Chrome and activate Cloud Print in the settings. Then you can print email from Gmail on your phone over the web to that printer - if the PC isn't on, then it'll come out the next time you power up and open Chrome.

It's genius - but that's only half the story. Of course, having a computer as a go-between is still pretty annoying. Which is why we're thrilled to read that printer gurus HP are bringing out the first printers set up for 'driverless' cloud printing. HP already made printers you could email stuff to, which is pretty awesome, but now they've integrated it with Cloud Print. So as long as your printer is on and its wireless is activated, you can send stuff to it with a click even if you're miles away.

Ah, the future, it's so nice when it finally arrives, isn't it?

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