Prices and types of Nintendo Wii Console Bundles in UK

Nintendo Wii console bundles from UK retailers come with additional accessories and components, such as game packages and controllers, as opposed to just the Wii system. Many retailers offer their own set of bundles, especially gaming stores, with various prices depending on here you buy from.

Nintendo Wii Sports Resort Package

The sports resort bundle is one of the post popular Nintendo Wii console bundles in the UK. The package includes activities such as Wii sports, where Wii Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling and Basketball, which can be played between 1 and 4 players at a time. The package also includes the Sports Resort game which includes the Wii MotionPlus to plug into the controller and track your movements to the game. This bundle normally retails at around £80 - £90.

Wii Black Console with Wii Remote Plus Package

The Wii black console is a limited edition console. With this package the Wii remote plus is included, with motion sensing technology to create a more interactive gaming experience. This bundle can normally be purchased with a variety of games, such as Raving Rabbids or the Sports Resort game package. The game you receive depends on the console and package you buy and from what retailer you purchase from but the console is normally sold for around £150 - £180 from most retailers.

Wii Black Console with Wii Sports, Mario Kart and Black Wii Wheel

Another limited black console bundle is available with the exclusive Wii black wheel, used to play games such as Mario Kart which is also included in the package. Wii Sports is also included in this package.

Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort, Toy Story 3 and LEGO Harry Potter

When the Wii was first released one of its main praises was its active gameplay, which was particularly important for children who were becoming less active due to other gaming consoles. This Nintendo Wii console bundle is popular in the UK for children and young adults, with two interactive children's game as well as the Wii Sports Resort. You can expect to pay around £190 for this bundle.

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