Tune in to this great Toshiba cut price LCD television deal

With more and more channels showing programmes, movies and sporting events in high definition, there's never been a better time to think about upgrading to a Full HD TV.

Buying a new television is a long term investment, so it's worth getting a well known brand. And if you can get one at a bargain price, that's even better!

Tesco is currently offering a great cut price television deal - a 37 inch Toshiba for just £399.

The Toshiba 37RV753 is a 37-inch widescreen Full-HD LCD TV with built in Freeview HD which provides free access to up to 50 digital TV channels, four HD channels and 24 radio stations.

The screen offers pin sharp pictures with its 50,000:1 contrast ratio. Resolution+ enables the TV to show standard definition images at almost high definition quality, boosted further by Active Vision LCD which focuses on detail, colour, movement and contrast.

This Toshiba model also has Auto View, a clever feature which monitors the lighting in your room, along with real time content, to make sure the contrast is just right. The backlight automatically fine-tunes to suit the surroundings, providing the perfect amount of ambient lighting to make everything you view that bit easier on the eye.

Best of all is the integrated DLNA technology which wirelessly connects the TV to a compatible Windows 7 laptop using an optional Toshiba USB dongle. This means you can stream multimedia content – images, music or video – straight to your television.

There are also two USB ports, two scart sockets and four HDMI ports to hook up to any of your other gadgets, from Blu-Ray player to games console.

And if you have a Tesco Clubcard, you’ll get 798 Clubcard points with your purchase!

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