Pretty pictures

Gmail. You love it; it's flexible, powerful, (usually) fast, and free. But if you spend all day staring at it, wouldn't be great if it looked a bit nicer?

Well, now it can. Google already has Gmail themes, which let you choose a variety of wacky colour schemes. But they're all kinda lame. But now, Google have added a 'create your own theme' option! You can choose colours and, most excitingly, a custom background from your computer. Want an image of your wife/boyfriend/kids/dog frolicking on the beach in the background as you slog through emails? Totally possible. Just go to 'settings' and then 'themes' and get creative.

One thing to watch out for: the picture you upload will be added to Picasa Web Albums, Google's kinda-crappy Flickr competitor. It'll have the same privacy settings as the album you add it to, so a picture of your wife/boyfriend in that saucy underwear you got her/him for Christmas might not be the best idea...

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