Where to buy a preowned PS3 console

Games consoles tend to be quite expensive and buying second hand is a good way to cut down the price substantially. But you also need to be sure that the console works or that you have a warranty or refund guarantee if it doesn't. With that in mind, here are some places that can sell you a cheap preowned PS3 console along with the peace of mind that it will be in full working order.

It's an obvious one but ebay.co.uk is actually a really good place to buy a preowned PS3 console. They have hundreds of PS3 auctions and sales going on everyday so it's easy to find a bargain. However, it's also easy to end up with a defective console if you're not careful, so the thing to look out for is to always buy from sellers who have a lot of reviews and who are reviewed well. It takes a long time to build up those ratings so it's unlikely the seller would risk their reputation by selling a defective product. Additionally if a console is listed as 'refurbished' it's likely to be in better condition than simply a preowned one.

Amazon.co.uk also has quite a few people selling pre-owned PS3s at low prices, but has the same things to look out for as ebay.co.uk.

Alternatively there are several high street stores that sell preowned consoles. CEX is usually the cheapest, but Game and Gamestation often have good deals as well. The advantage to buying from a store is that the console will have been tested by the staff and will come with a guarantee in case it develops a fault. Buying a preowned PS3 this way also means that you won't have to wait for delivery, and if it is faulty you can usually just return it to the store you bought it from.

In general for the absolute best price on a preowned PS3 console ebay.co.uk is the place to go. As long as your careful about who you buy from you can find fantastic deals. However for a quicker process and a guarantee on the product it's best to buy from a high street store.

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