Premature speculation

Oh lord, we think this is the way things are going to be right now. Apple are to the noughties and teenties (or whatever we're calling this decade) what Michael Jackson and Madonna were to the 1980s - the story everyone wants to write, read and talk about, every day. And so if there's no actual news, people will make stuff up. For MJ, it was about him sleeping in an oxygen tent; the modern equivalent is pointless speculation about the specs of future Apple products. In Autumn, we gather in the harvest, look at the reddening leaves on the trees, and speculate about the new iPad. In Spring, we play with blossom and shake the dew of our shoes - and fantasise about the upcoming new iPhone.

So with the iPad 2 launch out of the way, it's onto the iPhone 5. We must admit, though, that the first batch of rumours leave something to be desired. The iPad 2 boasts an aluminium back and Apple's powerful new A5 chip. So what do the current rumours suggest the iPhone 5 is getting? You guessed it - an aluminium back and the A5 chip.

The source, Chinese paper the Economic Daily News, has got things right in the past, according to CNET. And the A5 chip certainly seems likely - after all, the iPhone 4 got the A4 chip that had been introduced for the iPad, so it seems logical.

As to the aluminium back, well, there'd be a logic to it - the iPhone 4's glass back has been criticised for fragility, and blamed for the failure of Apple to ever (yet) bring a white iPhone 4 to market, despite announcing one. It would also fit with what we've already heard about the iPhone being 'completely redesigned' this year. But, often the most logical rumours are the ones that turn out to be made up. So we'll just have to wait - probably till June - and see. June! Oh my god, that seems like months away. Oh hang on, it is.

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