A review of the Praktica DPix 1100Z digital camera

The Praktica DPix 1100Z digital camera is an extremely cheap battery powered camera designed to provide a taste of the more expensive high tech alternatives.

It is indeed a very appealing purchase from a financial perspective: you can find it online at JMartDigital (jmartdigital.co.uk), Conrad Electrical UK (conrad-uk.com), BeShopDirect (beshopdirect.com), Hammer Jack (hammerjack.co.uk) and elsewhere for less than £60.

But is the camera a reliable bargain, or just a waste of money?

Like many cheap range cameras, the Praktica DPix 1100Z digital camera claims to have a reasonably large megapixel resolution (10 megapixels in this case) and decent 4 x zoom, but the actual sharpness of the images it produces does not quite fit what you might expect from that figure.

Its pictures don't compare with better built cameras with the same resolution or even a smaller resolution - but they do compare favourably with the images of other cameras within the same budget. Thus, its success depends on your motivations for buying: if you are looking for a certain quality of image represented by the resolution, then look elsewhere, this is not a super find. If you're looking for the best camera within this price range - then the Praktica DPix 1100Z digital camera is great for you.

The fact that it's battery powered is also going to be an advantage for some people and a disadvantage for others. It makes the Praktica DPix 1100Z digital camera a little bigger and more difficult to carry around, and it means you might need to cart around some replacement batteries with you - but alongside this, you are given the guarantee of a recharged camera on a long day out where rechargeable cameras might fail.

The 2.5 inch display is more than enough to get a good sense of your pictures without transferring them to your computer, and the video recorder can produce decent quality AVI videos at 720 x 400. The built in memory is quite small at 32 Mb (barely enough for a few pictures, never mind videos), so you'll need to buy an SD memory card to boost the capacity.

Overall, the Praktica DPix 1100Z digital camera is a decent and reliable piece of kit if you don't expect too much from it. Don't be drawn into exaggerating its capabilities on the basis of its specs, or you'll be disappointed. Instead, look at it from the price perspective, and it'll be a reasonable investment.

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