P-push it real good

Ah, Twitter. Probably no other social network service has so driven the take-up of smartphones, which is pretty ironic considering Twitter is designed to work with simple SMS. Nevertheless, proper Twitter mobile apps have become one of the main ways people access the service, prompting the company to buy a bunch of them last year and rebrand them as official Twitter apps. Since then, though, the progress of updating those apps has been a little slow, and some alterations - like the short-lived 'Quick bar' from earlier this year - weren't popular with users.

These changes, though, we reckon, will be. Twitter has just released an update of their official Android app, and it contains some much-needed features. Like push notifications, which let you know when you've got a new message or @mention even when you're not running the app. There's also support for multiple profiles, continuing Twitter's pleasingly un-Facebook-like support for those of us with online multiple personality disorder.

It's available now in Android Market for all phones running Android 2.1 or higher, which should be almost all of you. Next stop, hopefully, the desperately-needed Honeycomb tablet app...

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