Powerful or pathetic?

Nintendo say the 3DS is the most powerful portable console they've ever made. But how powerful it is exactly they've always been a bit vague about. So a team of electronics specialists called Chipworks have taken one apart to see what makes it tick.

And, well, they're not that impressed. The 3DS' main chip seems to be chip from Fujitsu. Nothing wrong with that, except the chip in question has just 128MB of memory. To put that in perspective, the iPhone 4 has four times that - 512MB.

This doesn't seem that impressive for a supposedly state-of-the-art device. But on the other hand, it's a lot more than the measly 16MB the DS family made do with.

Does this seem like enough oomph to you? Or do you think the 3DS is going to struggle to compete with the more powerful Sony NGP?

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