Pou cheats: unlimited coins, candies and potions

Pou is an alien that you must feed, clean and take care of. It is practically a virtual pet that you can raise into something adorable and healthy. If you love playing the game and are addicted, we tell you how by using Pou cheats. Now, you can play Pou by getting unlimited coins and potions.

How to beat the game

Pou starts out as a blob, but with a lot of attention from you, it will be the most lovable virtual pet you can have. However, to get there you must be able to conquer levels. This is where you need valuable Pou cheats.

You can start by unlocking special items:

  • Eat

Eat all candies at least 9x. Get the green mafia hat for 75, blue, 50, orange 250, pink, 250 and purple-black or purple-yellow, 450. Score 500 in black body colour or reach an impressive level 22 in gold body colour. Make sure to water the flowers 5000 times and eat all the fruits once.

  • Play mini games

When on snow terrain, go at least 75 metres and 150 metres on mud terrain. Check out the body colour and match white for points.

  • Feed Pou

Pou just really wants to be fed. If you want to make Pou fatter, give it lots of food. Get a fat burner and potion if you want Pou to return to an earlier state.

  • Earn tokens

To earn coins, play Pou sounds and take note of the colour of Poo when it says weep. Another way is to write down the order of the number whenever Pou makes a sound to get money.

Moving up the level

Earning coins and potions is the main objective of Pou cheats. To accomplish this, play games often such as Food Drop, Memory and Pou Sounds. Feed Pou consistently to move up to the next level. Clean the house of Pou to earn extra points and you can also socialise to increase your score. It is also possible to download software to get the amount of coins and potions you want.

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