Portal for no price

Its blockbuster sequel may have boasted celebrity guest stars and hours of gameplay, but we'll always have an especially soft spot in our hearts for the original Portal.

The puzzler delighted us in 2007 with its blend of action and physics-based puzzling. If you love Angry Birds, you'll become addicted to this 3D physics-based classic within minutes.

So it's just as well that, for the next few days, it's available free!

Yes, free. Makers Valve are offering the game free for download till September 20th on both PC and Mac. There's just one catch, and it's barely a catch at all: you'll just need to download Steam, the games download manager made by - you guessed it - Valve. Pretty clever way to drive the growth of the system, we reckon.

You'll need a decent graphics chip and 5GB spare disk space to run the game, which will hopefully be no problem for most of you. So what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go download it!

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