Cheap Portable Printers

Finding your perfect portable printer involves striking a balance between the size and weight of a printer, whether you need a colour printer and your budget.

Size and Weight

Although portable printers are all approximately the same size and weight, there is a great technological push to make these printers smaller and lighter and, as a result, more portable.

When searching for your perfect portable printer, you should read the product's specifications to see its height, width, depth and weight to make sure that a particular portable printer is right for you.

One other consideration for your portable printer's size and weight relates to the space where you will keep it in your home. Measure the space you have available and make sure any shelf or cabinet you will keep your printer upon can take the portable printer you wish to buy.

Colour or Black and White?

Many portable printer consumers buy their product so they can print their photographs while on the go. In this instance, you naturally want to look at colour and decent quality portable printers.

When looking at portable printer specifications, make sure you are looking at a colour or black and white printer, dependent upon your needs.


Before looking at portable printers you should work out the maximum you are willing to spend on a printer.

Use Internet price comparison websites, such as Dooyoo.co.uk, Pricerunner.co.uk and Shopzilla.co.uk, to compare prices of portable printers.

m to print on the move. You can take photographs and print them instantly, allowing you to take a snapshot that leads to lifelong memories.

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