Portable internet!

If your job requires you too have the internet to hand anytime you need it then you might just need mobile broadband. There are a few problems with this so be sure you are the right customer for this product before you buy it. What do we mean by the right customer?

Well if you need to upload anything bigger than a picture or text file don't use this. Mobile broadband is actually very inconsistent. It drops in connection quite often and is prone to disconnecting. It seems to be fine if you just need to download or upload very small files, anything bigger and it is likely to disconnect.

Another big thing is the topping up. If you are one of those people who constantly forgets to top up, so much so that you have been outcast from your social circle, it might be worth giving this a miss. You have to top up these devices in the same way you would a phone.

The limit is actually quite harsh also. The minute you go over your daily allowance it gobbles up all the remaining credit. You have to be very careful with what you upload or download, don't go watching any movies!

If you fit the build as the right person for mobile broadband then it actually does the job, just have to tiptoe around the problems.

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