We check out the best place in the UK to buy portable generators for caravans

With money tighter than ever these days, many people are once again beginning to discover the beauty that the British landscape has to offer when it comes time to plan their summer break. Rather than spending hundreds of pounds in order to spend a week or two on a beach somewhere in southern Europe, more and more people are starting to look closer to home.

The fact is, you don't need to go abroad in order to see some of the most beautiful sights in Europe. There is plenty on offer right here in the United Kingdom, from gorgeous sun drenched beaches in St Ives to the dramatic scenery of the Highlands. Whatever you're looking for from your holiday you'll have no problem finding it by hitching up the caravan and hitting the road.

However, as we all know, you're going to need a reliable generator in order to keep things powered once you're out there, so we've taken a look for the cheapest portable generators for caravans in the UK and we're sure you'll be delighted with what we've found.

Established back in 1965, Just Generators have become one of the go to names in the power equipment industry over the past fifty years thanks to their expert knowledge and fantastic prices. Not only do they know more about portable generators, but they'll beat any price you can find online.

They've got some great deals on their website, located at justgenerators.co.uk, including the ever reliable SDMO HX 2500 Petrol Generator for just £317.90 ex. VAT. This 2.75KVA, 2200 Watt generator is perfect for everything you could possibly need during your trip away, and if you're unsure of any features included in it you can give the Just Generators team a call at 0800 298 7375 for help and advice.

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