Our guide to home cinema

For the discerning electronics enthusiast, there are many great options for home cinema equipment.

Portable DVD Players - Portable DVD Players offer the possibility to enjoy videos, music and all kind of images for hours in your car or any place you go.

  • Swivel Screen Portable DVD Player by Sony (FX950). This portable 9” DVD includes a twistable screen to choose your preferred angle of view, 7.5 hours battery and the access to diverse formats like CD, MP3 and an USB connection to get images and music from your computer.
  • Dual Screen Portable DVD Player by Phillips (PD7022). Compatible with most of the video, audio and images formats: DVD, CD, MP3 and JPEG. Two 7¨LCD widescreens can be attached to the headrests of your car. Plug your DVD player into the cigarette charger or any AC/CD socket at home.

Blu-Ray DVDs - Blu-Ray DVDs are the best way to enjoy 2D and even 3D video in full HD 1080p definition. Some of them offer the possibility to search digital art from different sources.

  • Blu-ray 3D DVD Player by Samsung (BD-C7500). This is an ultra-slim DVD Player with 2D/3D capabilities. It is the first wall-mountable model. A Wi-Fi internal system connects the player to your home network and even to the Samsung Apps feature to search digital contents through Internet.
  • Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Player (DMP-BDT110). This Panasonic DVD Player allows you to enjoy an HD 3D vision as well as convert 2D to 3D with a realistic perception. Through the Viera Cast and Skype systems you are able to have real time communication with your friends.

Home Cinema - Home Cinema systems are the best way to organize an all-in-one entertainment centre at home. Most of the HC systems offer all of the state-of-the-art features, like Blu-ray, 3D vision and sophisticated audio equipment.

  • 5.1 Blu-ray DVD Home Cinema System by LG (HB965TZ). This high definition home cinema system includes wall-mountable speakers and the latest features. Blu-ray and DLNA device allow you to connect to your network and enjoy video, music and still images through your Blu-ray DVD player.
  • Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Cinema by Bravia (BDV-EF200). Through this Bravia Home Cinema by Sony you will enjoy full HD 3D video, 350W audio output, iPhone/iPod docking as well as surround sound.

Amps - DVD, audio or Home Cinema experience could be enhanced with the installation of the adequate amplifier. Take into consideration that the most potent amp does not guaranty the best sound. Before choosing your new amp, ask for the assessment of experts on the subject that will help you select the correct one for your home devices.

  • Home Cinema Receiver by Sony (STR-DH810). - Video and sound features of this 7.1 channel amp will enhance your HD video. It is compatible with high definition 3D and 1080p video. It is perfect to improve the performance of sound and video through Blu-Ray and DVD. You will feel integrated to the image and surround sound.

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