Where can I find a portable DVD player that lasts for 3 hours?

Don't get us wrong, portable DVD players are a wonderful invention.They're actually one of the first things in our suitcase when we go travelling (they're great for long bus journeys or lazy nights in) - but we have a bone to pick with many of the manufacturers. What's the point in portable DVD players if they don't have a good battery life? There are few things more annoying than that flashing battery symbol when we're half way through a film. So we've rounded up the best portable DVD player that lasts for 3 hours or more - that's enough to get us through the longest of Hollywood blockbusters.

Toshiba SD-P94 Portable DVD Player: This sleek little machine offers a battery life of 3 hours, and runs on AA batteries so it's easy to replace on the go. It features a 9-inch wide-screen display, a memory card reader and support for DVDs, CDs, MP3 files and DivX files. It retails for £199.99, but is currently on sale in Currys for £119.99.

Sony DVP-FX730 7" Portable DVD Player: This attractive white DVD player has an impressive battery life of 5 hours, and there's an internal rechargeable battery. It's super lightweight - weighing just 0.84 kg. There are twin headphone speakers so that you can share the fun with a friend, a USB port, and a bright 7-inch screen. It's available for £119.99.

Sovos SVPDTV10FK 10.1" Portable DVD Player with Freeview: This impressive portable DVD will give 3 hours per battery charge. It features everything that you might expect from a full size TV, including a built-in analogue and digital Freeview tuner, a Record and Pause Live TV feature, parental controls, a USB port and a 7-day Electronic Programme Guide. It retails at £309.99.

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