Pope Benedict protected by flying robots

Everyone knows that the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, is able to call upon the aid of the Father, the Son, and their mate the Holy Spirit. However, on the Pontiff's recent visit to Lourdes, he was also protected by flying robots.

While the Holy Father was splashing the holy water around like it was going out of fashion, he was being watched over by an Eagle-1 SIDM unmanned flying vehicle. The flying robot offers a bird's eye view of the area it surveys and is fitted with laser targeted missiles if a god sized can of whoop-ass needs to be opened on any pesky non-believers.

But thankfully no one had to feel the wrath of god during the Papal visit with the Crotale air-defence missiles featured on the flying robot being saved for a rainy (that's rain made from fire and brimstone) day.

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