Police-Watchdog RateMyCop.com reopens

Just when we had grown tired of slagging our old teachers on Ratemyteacher.com along come those crazy Americans with yet another winning formula. Ratemycop does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing users to rate and comment on the activities of uniformed policemen in their locality.

Unsurprisingly the site has come under fire from the powers that be on the other side of the pond. "Having a website like that puts a lot of law enforcement, in my eyes, in danger because it exposes us out there," a policeman spokesman told ABC television.

Things came to a head last Tuesday when hosting company GoDaddy unceremoniously pulled-the-plug on the site following heavy criticism from members of the law enforcement fraternity.

The good people over at Ratemycop were given no prior notice to the site's closure by GoDaddy. Wired reports that when the site's founder Gino Sesto called to find out what had happened he was told that the site had been closed due to "suspicious activity."

Thankfully Ratemycop has since reopened. Unfortunately it's scope is limited to the US. But it's only a matter of time before someone sets up the Uk version and we can make online stars of our local PC Plods.

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