Pole-dance kit to be released for the Wii

The Nintendo Wii is great: you can play tennis with it, go bowling, virtually box the heads off your mates and even get fit playing keepie uppies. Now it looks like the Wii is about to get sexed up with US manufacturer Peekaboo planning to release a pole-dancing kit.

Peekaboo is hoping that its pole-dancing kit will be in a similar vein to the Guitar Hero series, but instead of rocking out with a plastic axe you'll be rocking the pole. A company spokesman has also claimed that the pole-dancing kit will help people to burn off the chub while learning a new life skill.

While the final details of the game are still unclear, the pole-dancing kit is likely to cause some serious Wiinjuries, with people flying of the pole after six bottles of Bacardi Breezer and one provocative move too far.

Hilarious Wiinjury

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